All About Our ProZip “Hummer” Hoverboard Scooter

One of our most popular products here at King Power Boards is the ProZip “Hummer” hoverboard scooter. This self-balancing scooter provides you with all the control you need in a hoverboard, plus it looks sleek and stylish. You’re truly not going to want to ride any other form of personal transportation device. If you are on the hunt for your first one, or you are looking for an upgrade, you’re going to want to keep reading. Today we’re going to discuss in further detail the ProZip “Hummer.” We know by the end of this you’re going to be dying to hop on and test it out for yourself. Be sure to check it out online and place an order!

As a leading hoverboard supplier, we don’t offer hoverboard products that aren’t top-notch. The ProZip “Hummer” board is no exception. Not only will you be riding in style, but you’ll have all the gadgets you need built into your hoverboard scooter to optimize your riding experience. Included in the ProZip “Hummer” is Bluetooth capabilities and speakers. Yes, you read that right — you can blast your favorite tunes while zipping around town on this transportation device. Not only that, but this scooter features wings that jut out above the wheels. You’ll be protecting your wheels from getting damaged. Plus, the chance of you accidentally stepping or slipping onto moving wheels are decreases.

There is an automatic buzzer alarm included that warns you when the board is overloaded, there’s a power overrun, you’re riding it too aggressively, or you’re skidding. And to slow down, you simply have to lean a little backwards. With these safety features, you can have control over this personal transportation device while knowing that your hoverboard is going to warn you if you’re unsafe.

Where Do I Ride A Hoverboard?

Truly innovative with a simple, modern design, the ProZip “Hummer” can wheel some fun and excitement into your everyday life. Whether you’re riding around your neighborhood with your family and friends, you’re running a quick errand just down the street, or you transport yourself around your large work office, your hoverboard can truly provide you great transportation benefits. Be sure to read this past blog to learn more about where you can ride your hoverboard scooter.


And of course, safety is the most important aspect. While the ProZip “Hummer” has built-in features for your safety, it’s still incredibly important to know how to properly ride your hoverboard in order to keep yourself and others around you safe. Find more safety tips here.

As you can tell, the ProZip “Hummer” scooter is a hoverboard masterpiece. Be sure to shop our collection of hoverboards online at King Power Boards. Happy riding!