An Overview Of Our ProZip Hoverboard Scooters

If you’ve read any of our past blogs, you’re well aware of how passionate we are about hoverboard scooters here at King Power Boards. From the transportation and health benefits to the tips for buying a self-balancing scooter, we have all the information you need to make an informed purchase, as well as how to properly ride a hoverboard. And today, we’re only going to continue sharing our enthusiasm about our personal transportation devices. We’re going to be sharing more information about the ProZip self-balancing hoverboard scooters that we sell.

So hop on and ride to the end of this blog post with us to learn more about our hoverboard products!

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ProZip “Hummer” Scooter

As one of our most popular hoverboard scooters, the ProZip “Hummer” provides you with the ultimate riding experience. Not only that, but the Hummer hoverboard specializes in safety. An automatic alarm will go off if you are driving too violently, the hoverboard is overheating, or you’re skidding. This feature allows you to have fun while prioritizing your safety. It also includes APP control, Bluetooth capabilities, speakers, and wings placed above the wheels for protection. Simply charge your scooter up for 2.5 hours with the included charger and you’re good to go.  

ProZip “Thunrderbolt” Scooter

Featuring LED lights, Bluetooth capabilities, and a speaker, you’ll never want to step off your Thunderbolt hoverboard ever again. Ride up to 15 km per hour on this scooter on a variety of surfaces, including off-road. The “Thunderbolt” comes with a charger, Bluetooth remote starter, and a carry bag. Have fun riding in style!

ProZip “Carbon Fiber” Scooter

With the ProZip “Carbon Fiber” hoverboard scooter, you can ride in style on the road and off, as this model features off-road capabilities. You can read up to 15 km per hour! Not only that, but it includes APP control and Bluetooth speakers. If you’re running on a low-charge, simply plug your hoverboard in for two hours to fully charge it. When you’re not wheeling around town on this scooter, store it in the carry bag that is included.

ProZip “Night Black” Scooter

The all-black style of the “Night Black” hoverboard scooter is sleek. Designed with black carbon fiber and featuring Bluetooth capabilities, speakers, and APP control, this hoverboard was quality made for a fun riding experience. You can ride up to 15 km per hour! Store this self-balancing scooter in its included carry bag when you’re not riding it.

ProZip “Flame” Scooter

The flame graphics on this hoverboard will make you feel like you’re riding on fire. Also featuring APP control, Bluetooth, and headphones, your riding experience on this 2018 hoverboard model will be ideal. You’ll never want to get off of this hoverboard, unless you’re charging it up, which only takes two hours!

As you can see, you can’t go wrong with any purchase of a ProZip hoverboard scooter from King Power Boards. Not only will you be riding on a well-designed device, but you can also be safe. For more safety tips and tricks, read this past blog. And be shop to shop your hoverboard today.