Best Hoverboard Tricks You Must Know in 2018

Hoverboards are undoubtedly the most interesting gifts for your loved ones. The adults, kids and everyone else seems to enjoy this sport like fun. It gives you that roller coaster ride which takes you high. More to it, you can enjoy interesting features like music and app features which will keep you going. There have been news of hoverboards catching fire in the earlier days but today you will not find any such issues. Most of the problems have been addressed by the UL2272 standards which keep good track of safety standards. Almost all the hoverboards on trusted websites or standard local markets are under the Underwater Laboratory’s certification. So, tighten your seatbelts because we are going to take you to a journey where you will gain some special knowledge about hoverboards and these tips and tricks will surely help you make one hell of an experience.

How to step on a Hoverboard Trick

Although it does not take much of your stamina to have a hold on to a perfectly engineered hoverboard, the simple trick can make your experience amazing. Be patient and put one of your feet on the hoverboard and in a way balancing your body weight on the board, put your second foot as well. The moment you step up on the self balancing electric scooter, it begins its job. The smart sensors work when they sense your weight on the pressure pad and the smart balancing begins. Make sure that you do not step on the board in a jerk, instead make it smooth and you will have a brilliant start. Following these simple tips and tricks might do wonders to your ride and who knows every ride of yours become your favorite ride.

Turning around on Hoverboard

Nothing is tough, just know this and rest will be all good. Believe in yourself and that you can do; this is the key to become a perfect rider. You do not have to take a massive headache to learn to ride. Know the body shifting mechanism and how the sensors detect even the slightest of your moves. The game will turn when you understand how you can turn left and right on shifting your body on either side. Once you grasp the mechanism, even spinning around won’t be any big thing for you. For spinning on your hoverboard, you need to lean your body to one direction in which you want to spin. Fix your side and a balanced force keeping the centre of gravity in line can take you in a round and round ride.

Getting on the Hoverboard

Getting off a hoverboard is as easy as getting on to it. You just have to make a clear understanding of when you are completely ready to get off. You should step backwards in order to step off it. Never ever try to get off in the forward direction because it will lead you to injuries. Be safe and step down your dominant foot first, in order to take control on the self balancing electric scooters.

Hoverboard safety measures

You wear your helmets while riding your bike or scooters right? Likewise, when you are riding your hoverboards too it is recommended that you wear them right to prevent any kind of mishappenings. Afterall, prevention is better than cure.

Hoverboard instruction manual

Hoverboards come with varying speed limits, mileage, and other features which need to be taken care of. People usually do not go through the instructions and the accidents happen. Always and always go through atleast the main points and the speed limit, the battery power and how long your hoverboard’s battery would last.

This was all about the tips part. Now let’s move on to the Tricks.

Hoverboard Tricks

If you have had a good riding experience on hoverboards and want to try out different shades of rides and techniques, then you will certainly enjoy reading this part.

The Genie: for beginners

This is pretty simple yet daring because you need strength in your knees. All you need is to get focused on each and every bit of your move. Set your knees on the pressure pads and shift the center of gravity of your body to make the turns, moves and spins. The feeling of floating in the ground on your hoverboard while balancing your knees is simply amazing. One you master this trick, you can have a great boost to your riding skills.

The Butterfly: for intermediate riders

This is again something for which you need to sit on the hoverboard. However, the way you sit is different. Get yourself seated on one of the pressure pads and ret your feet on the other so as your legs end up in a wide spaced butterfly wings. Then you may press the pressure pad under your feet and lean forward and backwards. It is really fun once you learn the tactics.

The One eighty degree move on Hoverboard for experts

This is something for the ones who are experts in riding hoverboards. This is not fit for the beginners and we recommend you to not try it without expertise. This needs proper timing and you need to be really attentive for it. You need to momentarily lift up and turn around at 180 degrees to make this happen.

So, we see that we can do a lot of tricks using the self balancing electric scooters and everything you do is real fun. Go and shine out with amazing hoverboard tips and tricks and be the champions.