How To Change A Hoverboard Battery - General Knowledge

Note: This is for general knowledge. If your have purchased your hoverboard from please contact Customer Service before attempting any service on your Hoverboard as this will invalidate your Warranty. 

How To Change A Hoverboard Battery - General Knowledge

Step 1: Open the bottom cover. Unscrew 9 screws on the battery side.

Take a photo to ensure you will place the cables back in the correct way.

change to hoverboard samsung battery

It is better to put the cables in the original way. There are some different ways. So it is better to take a picture before starting to change to ensure you remember how to put them back correctly.

change hoverboard battery

the cables in hoverboard

Step 2: Unscrew 4 screws and take off the battery cover. It is better to take a photo too.

samsung hoverboard battery

Step 3: Disconnect the connector (XT60) of battery. (Standard: Only 1 connector)

Plus: If the battery of your board has 2 connectors. It is not standard. But don’t worry. You can also use our Samsung battery. Please contact us to buy a conversion cable.

hoverboard battery connector

Step 4: Take out the old battery and connect the new battery to the connector. Don’t worry about the positive and negative electrode. It is set in the connector. You just need to connect them well.

Step 5: Turn on the power to test if your hoverboard can work. 

Step 6:  If the testing is ok,

  1. Place the new battery in the right position.
  2. Place the cables exactly the same as the photo you took at the beginning.
  3. Screw battery cover.

Step 7:  Put the bottom cover back and screw well.

  • Pay attention to the cables. Don’t screw them or put them outside the shell as the below pictures.

cables in hoverboard

hoverboard cablebroken hoverboard

  • Some boards are with two kinds of screws as the picture. Put them in the right position, the holes are different.

hoverboard screwhoverboard screw

Enjoy your hoverboard again with the safety battery