How To: Getting Started

So you’ve looked through all of our hoverboard models and found the perfect board for you. Now comes the easy part… riding it! Stepping on to your hoverboard looks daunting at first, but we promise that within 10 minutes you’ll be a pro! You may be a bit wobbly at first, but it will not take long to get the hang of it. 

Have a look at our handy guide to getting started and you will be gliding around in no time.

Step 1: Getting Set Up

So, your brand new hoverboard has arrived! The first thing you need to do is charge it, although some boards to come with charged batteries, we recommend that you fully charge the board before riding it. For tips on how to charge have a look here. Ok so now your board is charged you can get started!

First, you need to make sure your hoverboard is on flat ground. Then turn on the power by pressing and holding the silver button. You will hear a beeping noise and the middle console light will turn green. The LED lights should be facing forward and light up when you step on the sensor pads.


Step 2: Getting on

To get on to your hoverboard begin by putting one foot (preferably your dominant foot) onto the sensor pad. Use this foot to move the board into an upright, flat, rideable position. When you feel comfortable, step up on to the hoverboard with your other foot. The movement should be like you are walking up stairs.

Our hoverboards have a self-balance feature that will balance you once both of your feet are on the board. We recommend that beginners steady themselves using a wall, table or holding someone’s hands when stepping up.



Step 3: Moving on your hoverboard

Once you have perfected your balance, you can start riding your hoverboard! I mean you don’t just want to stand around on it looking pretty! Before you start moving, make sure you are comfortable standing upright on the board looking forwards, and not down at your feet!

Now for the movement, riding a hoverboard is easy, you simply shift your weight forwards or backwards to move forwards…or backwards! The sensor pads detect where you shift your weight and moves in the direction you lean your weight towards.

You may not be the smoothest rider at first, but everyone is wobbly at first. It takes time to perfect your riding, but practice first indoors until you get the hang of it!


Step 4: Turning on your hoverboard

Once you have mastered moving forwards and backwards, you need to learn how to turn on your board. Otherwise, you will just glide straight into a wall! Turning is really easy, it is done by “push-steering”. You simply put weight on to your left foot to turn left and put weight on your right foot to turn right! The amount of pressure you put on will determine how fast the turn is.

Practice with slow controlled turns first. Once you have mastered those and moving forwards and backwards whilst turning, you can try quick spins. Make sure you keep your head up when you spin, don’t look at your feet or you’ll get super dizzy!

When dismounting your board make sure you come to a complete stop and step off backwards one foot at a time!


Congrats! You can now ride a hoverboard!