King Power Boards - Considerations before your hoverboard purchase

King Power Boards Factors to consider before buying a hoverboard for kids/adults

Weight requirements are essential in a hoverboard, and it’s important to note that both children and adults can use these devices. You will see a lot of weight requirements in the lower range and these are definitely for kids. There are also models that support adult riders as well.  The higher the capacity and the less it’s utilized, the more you will be able to get maximum speed and battery life from the hoverboard. If there’s less strain on the device, you will obtain better rides and a more extended lifespan.

Speed is another important factor because, on a hoverboard, higher speed means a higher level of fun. On the other hand, in some locations, there are some speed restrictions. For instance, back in 2015, there was a significant debate in New York City where hoverboards were considered illegal to be driven down the streets or outside. The hoverboard-related laws in Canada are constantly changing, and they often involve the device’s speed. That’s why is important to find out what are the laws regarding the use of hoverboards in your locations and stick with their requirements.

Age requirements are also essential because a hoverboard is a high-powered device and you can’t really look at it like a child’s toy. In most cases, it’s recommended that you only allow kids over 7 years old to use such a device.

The self-balancing feature is a very important aspect of your new hoverboard especially if you are purchasing it as a gift for your kids. One of the most significant concerns regarding hoverboards from their beginning was safety, because kids kept falling off it. Today, things are a bit different because most hoverboards come with a self-balance feature installed. This is an important safety feature, and it’s an essential requirement for your kids to stay safe.

One of the primary safety hazards that it’s best to be aware of when it comes to hoverboards is the battery system. Most modern electronics use a battery technology called lithium-polymer or simply “lipo”.  Lipo batteries are the best overall batteries for consumer products. You have to make sure that you don’t get counterfeit batteries because these are usually to blame when a device explodes, for instance. You have to make sure when you’re buying a hoverboard that it comes with the proper safety certification. The device should come with a UL certification and preferably with protection systems that can prevent overheating, overcharging, and short-circuiting.

Charging time is also essential, and it’s best to get a hoverboard that comes with a battery system that charges up quickly.

Warranty information is another crucial aspect to consider before purchasing a hoverboard. It’s pretty clear that you want to buy a hoverboard because you intend to use it as much as possible. It’s essential to note that extended use of a device also means an extended possibility of something going wrong with it. There can be parts that malfunction or there can only be wear and tear issues. It’s recommended that you research warranty information on the hoverboard that you plan on buying. You can do this by getting info on Amazon or by studying the manufacturer or visiting their website to get an extensive look at what a specific brand has to offer.

Lights are also an essential feature in hoverboards and riding such a device can also be done after work hours. If you are getting home when the streetlights are already on, it’s recommended to flick on your hoverboard’s light as well. You should consider your schedule and how strong the light feature on your hoverboard should be, based on your needs.

The wheel size and type are also essential in hoverboards, and most devices come with wheels that are just over six inches, and this will put you pretty close to the ground. Hoverboards are really notorious for picking up scraped and scratches. They are not great on anything but very smooth terrain. Getting a hoverboard that comes with eight or ten-inch wheels will be able to resolve the issue. You have to consider the terrain you are planning on riding your hoverboard on, as well. If you will be going indoors, ten-inch wheels might be a problem if there are low doors or lights in the location. You can also choose between solid or pneumatic wheels. Solid wheels won’t ever go flat, and this is an advantage. On the other hand, they are able to provide less shock absorption, and they don’t do well on rough surfaces. The solid wheels’ grip is also compromised because they don’t conform to the surface they are moving on.

Build quality is a factor that’s worth considering when you’re buying a hoverboard. The frame, the housing material, the metal versus plastic wheels- these are all essential aspects. It’s recommended that you avoid foreign sellers because US-based brands are usually providing higher-quality products.

Portability is an important issue, and it’s wise to check how much your hoverboard weighs. Most hoverboards weigh over 20 pounds, and other models weigh more than 30 pounds.