King Power Boards - Hoverboard Tricks

Simple and Easy Hoverboard Tricks 

Hoverboards are extremely popular and people are getting more and more interested in learning tricks and dance moves on them. We have compiled 5 of the coolest tricks to learn on a hoverboard. All found on Giphy.

Have a look through and get inspired for new moves! With practice, you can be a pro in no time!

The Spin!

Beginners move, the 360 spin is super easy but is bound to impress anyone who sees. To perform this hoverboard trick you simply have to put your weight on one foot and the board will spin. If you want to spin right, press on your right foot. If you want to turn left press on your left foot It’s as simple as that!




The One Sided Spin!

This stunt is a bit more advanced, but it can be just as easy as the Spin with practice. You simply press on the footpad with the foot you wish to turn with and as you are spinning move your other foot over onto the wheel cover. To spin, the other way use the alternate foot! This move is super cool, and once you’ve mastered it you will be the envy of all your friends!



The One-armed Spin!

This move is quite advanced and therefore may take a bit of practice! We suggest therefore practising this one in an open space, with a soft landing! To master this impressive move crouch down on your hoverboard, and replace your foot with your hand on one of the pads, then press down on that pad with your hand causing the board to spin. You can straighten your leg that isn’t on the hoverboard out for a breakdance-type flair!




Now, we haven’t quite mastered this one at King Power Boards! These girls have definitely mastered the one-handed handstand. This is definitely a skill that takes a lot of practising, we suggest to try it on the ground first! If you can already do a handstand then this hoverboard trick will be easy for you! Simply place your hands in the middle of each sensor plate and kick up onto the board! 



The 2 board split!

Now, I mean, we’re not being serious with this hoverboard trick! We just thought it was funny! We will be seriously impressed if you can do this trick!

If you’ve got any tricks that you have mastered, send us a clip in and we will feature you on our facebook page.