Learn to Ride a Hoverboard

Ever since its invention, hoverboard has revolutionized the world of technology and invoked a special kind of craze in the techie lots. While you are done with getting the right hoverboard of your choice, it’s time that you get familiar with the ways to ride it. Be it an adult, a teenager or an adolescent, gaining an experience of a hoverboard ride is almost every adventurous person’s dream. That’s why we have brought to you this article which can help you learn how to ride a hoverboard in really simple steps. All you need to do is follow the steps carefully. So, let’s just quickly dive into the step by step technique demonstrating how to ride the hoverboard.

Before we actually begin with the learning phase, there are certain points you must keep in mind to not lose hope in the first go. It’s very natural that you tremble, lose balance or even fall down while riding for the first time. Just do not lose hope because that happens to almost everyone. It’s when we fall that we learn to move on.

Making up your mind before starting to ride a hoverboard

Before beginning to do anything, one must put his/her heart and soul into it. Likewise, when you are to ride your new hoverboard you must try your cent percent. Concentrate, so that you can balance well on the self-balancing scooter called the hoverboard.

Read the instruction booklet given with hoverboard

Although the instruction manuals aren’t provided in many of the brands, in case you have one, have a good read to know its specifications. If you do not have the instruction manual, you still need not worry. We shall be dealing with all the necessary steps.

Making the first go (But, check it’s charging)

Now here starts the prime game.

Excited, are you?

But hey wait, before you make the first go, check if your self-balancing scooter is fully charged. If not, then you must get it charged before starting. So, the very first step is to make sure that your electric-scooter is charged completely. We are saying this because nobody likes hindrance in their job while working and why would you entertain any dead battery virtues in the middle of your learning process?

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Press the start button on the hoverboard

Now that you have your hoverboard ready, you are required to start it by pressing the power button on the bottom side of the board. In most of the hoverboards, it is situated in the central bottom flap. Once it is started, place in down on the ground so that you can get your weight on it and know what it feels to ride on a hoverboard. We know that rush you are feeling inside, that one heck of the excitement and nervousness of riding your hoverboard. Now you might have noticed that as soon as you switched on your hoverboard, an exuberating LED light flashes on the side of the board. There have been confusions if you should ride the board with the light facing forward or backward. The answer is simple- there is no forward or backward, you may ride it the way you fancy. Many people ride it with the light facing the forward direction to make it look attractive or to travel in the dark while many people like riding with the light backward as a traffic alert.

The safety alert before starting a ride!

So, before you put your feet on the scooter, make sure that you are placing it in an appropriate position. Since you are making your initial attempts, there is a possibility of trembling down. So, there should be some kind of support you can hold on to, just in case you are about to fall down. For example, placing your scooter on a solid wall-side, or say close to a pillar etc can make it safe for you. Your safety is foremost for us, and that is why we recommend you to always have a support while learning to ride.

Put your your first foot on the hoverboard

Here you are, ready to make the big move!

This step is one of the most crucial steps while learning to ride a hoverboard.

Don’t you panic; it’s extremely exciting and fun-filled.

Now put one of your feet, preferably your more dominant foot on a hoverboard pad. You should take care of how you place your foot here. It should be far apart from the center and also close to the wheels. When you are placing your foot on the self-balancing scooter, it is important to take care of two aspects. The first one is that you must make sure that as soon as your foot is on the board, the hoverboard is flat and in level with the ground. This will ensure you a proper balance factor.

The second point is to make sure that your foot is as close as possible to the wheels. This will make your legs stand wider at both ends and henceforth making the ride easier. The wide stance will help maintain proper balance and prevent instability.

Now put your second foot on hoverboard 🙂

What are you waiting for?

Come on; get your second foot on the board as well. Follow the two rules as stated above. Let your board be in level with the ground and keep your feet wide apart. These are the golden rules you ought to remember for an ever-smooth ride.

In some of the hoverboards, we have even noticed electrical signals indicating if it is right to put your second foot on the hoverboard. If everything is alright, a green light will flash and if it is not yet the right time to place your second foot, red light flashes. This simply means that you need to adjust your first foot properly before you move onto the next foot. It not uncommon if you wobble and tremble, it happens with almost everyone. Just maintain your concentration at peak and a little patience is all you need.

Perseverance is important to learn riding the hoverboard

You may go through hundreds of training manuals but nowhere else you will learn one of the most relevant expertise you need to master the challenge of riding a hoverboard. Here we are sharing a secret which we haven’t told anyone. Perseverance is what counts a lot. If you wish to master this art in a few minutes then it is risky and not good for your well-being. Give yourself adequate time to step by step become a hero in your own way. And we are here to help you achieve that. So wear up the best of your smile (yes we care for that a lot) and just get set go!

Riding the hoverboard segway

To ride a hoverboard segway just lean on to the direction you want to proceed in, In order to move forward, adopt a forward motion of your body and you will automatically cover great lengths. In other words, you can make moves simply by shifting your weight. However, you must take care of how much weight to put on while leaning. Leaning too much can lead to overpressure resulting in falling down. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you first become efficient in riding the hoverboard in a straight path and once you are good, you may move on to learn how to take a turn. You can even manage your speed based on the degree of your body inclination. If you are learning more, you will get a greater speed but leaning more than required will eventually lead to a fall.

The hoverboard turning technique

Now that you are acquainted with straight line motion, it’s time to learn some excellent techniques to easily make turns on the hoverboard.

Here is a really simple concept.To turn left, you need to push your right toe forward and to move in the right direction, move your left toe forward. Summing up, we can say that you need to shift the weight of the body in the direction opposite to that you want you to move in. While you apply pressure on one of the foot at a time for turning, you must make sure that the other foot is horizontal and does not invite any imbalances. Leaning your body in the required direction also triggers the movement and can prove effective in letting you make a clean turn.

How to ride hoverboard backwards

Sometimes you may feel the need to ride backward and trust me, it is not that hard. All you need to do is lean back so as to shift your weight and the board moves balancing your weight on it.

How to ride hoverboard on slopes

After mastering the straight line motion, the turning technique and the backward motion, the next challenging hurdle is learning how to ride on slopes.

That sounds adventurous, isn’t it?

Indeed it is! The degree up to which your hoverboard can climb up varies on multiple factors including its brand. While most of the brands support up to 15-20 degrees inclination, it can vary significantly among other brands.

How to spin on a hoverboard

After gaining some experience of how to make a turn, you will definitely want to learn something awesome, something tricky and something extraordinary to show to your friends. Yes, we are going to teach you some of the most exciting hoverboard rides that can make you go crazy. Spinning on the hoverboard is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you have already mastered some of the basic riding techniques, you’ll learn this in few minutes. You need to push the toes and heels of your feet opposite to each other. This implies that, to make a left circular spin, push your right toe and your left ankle. Likewise in order to spin right, you need to push your left toe and right ankle.

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How to get off a hoverboard without falling

Getting off the board follows the same procedure as getting on the board but in reverse. To be honest, it takes the longest to learn how to get on and off the board. And once you’ve learned this, the rest will be as smooth as anything. So, before you actually begin to ride your self-balancing scooter, make sure that you’ve practiced enough of getting on and off the board. This will boost your confidence level and even improve your balance over the board. Just in case you feel vulnerable to fall down while getting off the scooter, you may find a suitable place to get off like some kind of rigid support, for example, a wall.

Things to remember before starting the ride

While it is superbly exciting to ride a hoverboard, a little casualty can lead to devastating results. It is, therefore, very crucial that you know all the safety measures of riding a hoverboard. Riding on hilly terrains, curbs, bumps etc can be prone to serious accidents. So, do not begin learning on such surfaces. A plane/concrete space is best suited for the learning phase. As you advance towards the more and more complex styles, you can opt for challenging surfaces and sloppy terrains.

Well, that was about how to ride a hoverboard. The beginners get ready to feel the warmth and enthusiasm of riding your first board while those who are acquainted, it’s time for you to get charged up and show the magic. Hoverboards are intruding like a craze in many of the kids as well. There are hundreds of new brands focussing on the products specially designed for the kids. Being a sensation among Hollywood celebrities and singers like Justin and Chris, hoverboards have become a burning sensation among the people across the world.


Now you learnt how to ride a hoverboard. The more you practice, the more you will learn to master the art of hoverboard riding. So, just get on the wheels and dive in the world of adventure, roller-coaster, and awestruck experience to make one hell of a ride!