ProZip Hoverboard Athlete Hailee M. Appears on Morning Live


ProZip® Hoverboards athlete who appears in their new 2018 television commercial doing her amazing gymnastics and riding ProZip® Hoverboards Off Road All Terrain Hoverboard equipped with:

  • The latest Self-Leveling Technology
  • ProZip® Smartphone APP
  • APP enabled Speedometer and Odometer. 
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Settings. Also has Speed Control. 
  • GPS capabilities
  • Bluetooth Application and speakers
  • Automatic buzzer alarm to encourage safe riding practices
  • Protective wings above wheels 

Appears on Morning Live riding ProZip® Hoverboards new Rip Saw® Hoverboard. The Rip Saw® is the newest ProZip® Hoverboard on the Canadian market. Watch her ride the new ProZip® RipSaw® like a true athlete and answer questions about her experience shooting the Canadian ProZip® Hoverboard television commercial below.

Thanks Hailee! You are AMAZING!!!