Sometimes the weatherman gets it wrong. It wasn’t supposed to rain that day. You 

took out your hoverboard and while you were out the sky went from perfect and 

clear to dark and menacing in no time at all. Now, because of the rain or a puddle 

you ran into, your hoverboard is soaked. What do you do?

We all know that water and electronics don’t mix. But, if you are quick on your feet, 

you can keep your hoverboard from becoming bricked. Here’s how to repair a 

water-damaged hoverboard.

First thing is to power off your hoverboard as soon as possible. 

The sooner the better. The longer the board stays on, the greater the chance the 

water will seep into a place it doesn’t belong and cause all sorts of trouble. By 

turning off the power, you stop the flow of electrons through the electronics and 

prevent shorts from occurring due to loose water.

Hoverboard Diagnosis 

Take your trusty screwdriver and remove the access panels covering the electronics 

and see where the water has accumulated. 

Disconnect the Battery

By this point your hoverboard should be powered off. But it never hurts to 

disconnect the battery, just in case. 

The Old Rice Trick

Human beings drop their phones in toilets more than every other species on the 

planet. We’ve all done it. When it happened they said, “put it in rice”, which sounded 

ridiculous at the time. But it worked. The same trick can be applied to your wet 

hoverboard parts. If your motherboard gets wet, carefully remove it and unplug it 

and put it in a bowl of rice for 12-24 hours. Same goes for your co-boards (i.e. sensor 

boards, gyroscopes) and your battery. If you went through a particularly nasty 

puddle, go ahead and carefully clean these parts with rubbing alcohol and q-tips 

after they have been completely dried.

Drying out the chassis

With the major components removed, take a paper towel and very gently dry off the 

inside of the hoverboard chassis. Be sure to dry off the tips of the cables especially. It 

may be best to leave the chassis open and empty for at least 24 hours, just to make 

sure all water has evaporated.

Moment of Truth

After your hoverboard parts have dried completely, carefully return the pieces to 

their locations and secure all cable connections, then power on your device to 

ensure that it still works.