Take Your ProZip® Off Road Hoverboard To The Extreme!

ProZip® Off Road Hoverboard Collection 2018 

 The ProZip® Hummer:


Imagine Off Road Hoverboards so unique, so well designed, so ingenious that they are not bound by the same constraints as other hoverboards. ProZip® Hoverboards All Terrain collection has made this dream a reality. The ProZip® Hummer and the ProZip® Rip Saw® are true masters of the Off-Road domain. 

Whether you're plowing through a Canadian snow storm, gliding down a dirt road, blasting through the sand on a beach, zipping down your favorite wilderness trail, the ProZip® Hummer and ProZip® Rip Saw® will give you an all-terrain experience unlike any other off-road hoverboards.

The ProZip® Rip Saw®: