About Us

Gold crown with jewels signifying King Power Boards.

King Power Boards is a proudly Canadian company. Our hoverboard store ships throughout Canada and the United States from our warehouse located in Brantford, Ontario., Canada. We pride ourselves on bringing the very best in real hoverboard technology to consumers, resellers, and retailers around the world! We've partnered with an elite team of international professionals that give us an entirely new edge on the latest tech advancements, supply, and logistical support so we can ensure low prices without sacrificing the quality of our hoverboards.

Providing you with a fun and highly innovative transport tech piece, we invite all our hoverboard enthusiasts to join in our passion for modern inventions! Its aesthetic appeal will have you opting for a self-balancing board that is best customized to your style and persona! Maybe the hoverboard of your choice will feature LED lights or vary in color. Maybe a bluetooth hoverboard will catch your eye. Making movement an enjoyable aspect of your everyday routine, our hoverboards also ensure your safety running smoothly on its wheels, sturdy make and stabilizing sensors.

Nothing means more to us than providing our customers with the exceptional service they deserve. We stand behind everything we sell and offer all our hoverboards and personal transportation devices with premium warranty features.

We are proud to offer email support for any customer requests, questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact us by email at kingpowersport@outlook.com