The ProZip "Hummer" Hoverboard

Welcome to King Power Boards! We are Canada’s leading hoverboard supplier, offering hoverboard enthusiasts with quality fun on wheels. Among our many off-road hoverboards is our fan favorite — the ProZip “Hummer” scooter. The “Hummer” hoverboard is an incredibly intricate model with innovative design and intelligent safety features.

The ProZip Hummer

With the “Hummer” model, users will get to experience complete control while riding. Not only that, but the style and design is innovative and sleek. Whether you’re a well-seasoned hoverboard connoisseur, or you’re looking to purchase your first one, either for yourself or as a gift, the ProZip “Hummer” is the way to go.

Not only will you be riding this hoverboard scooter in style, but this particular model has all the technology and gadgets you need to have a thrilling time, on- or off-road. In addition to the sleek design, the tech features of this model are what makes it our most popular product. The capabilities of the “Hummer” include the following:

  • The latest Self-Leveling Technology
  • ProZip Smartphone APP
  • APP enabled Speedometer and Odometer. 
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Settings.
  • GPS capabilities
  • Bluetooth Application and speakers
  • Automatic buzzer alarm to encourage safe riding practices
  • Protective wings above wheels

To protect the wheels from damage, there are wings that jut out above the wheels. This works to eliminate any chance of damaging the wheels during on- or off-road use. Not only that, but the wheel wings decreases the chance of you accidentally stepping or slipping on the moving wheels as you ride. With the Bluetooth speakers included, riders can enjoy listening to their favorite tunes as they zip around town. What could be better?

Safety Features

Safety should always be a priority, no matter what the gadget. Here at King Power Boards, we prioritize the safety of our customers in our hoverboard products. The ProZip “Hummer” has intricate safety features included in its design to encourage overall safe riding techniques for all users. There is an automatic buzzer alarm that will go off to warn the rider of any dangerous situations, which could include overloading, power overrunning, overheating, skidding, and of course, violent and out-of-control driving/riding.

One of the features included in this hoverboard scooter is easy and effective deceleration. To decelerate and slow down, the rider simply needs to lean back. To accelerate, lean slightly forward. With these safety features included, you can feel at ease riding, or watching your child ride, your ProZip “Hummer,” knowing that they are on a personal transportation device that prioritizes the safety of the ride.

How Do I Ride My Hoverboard?

Chances are you’ve seen videos of people riding their hoverboards. Perhaps you’ve even seen celebrities like Justin Beiber zip around town on their personal set of wheels. They make hoverboard riding look so easy. And yes, riding a hoverboard is easy and straightforward. If you’ve recently purchased a hoverboard scooter for yourself or as a gift, there are a few tips for properly riding the device. Be sure to read through to familiarize yourself, and practice, practice, practice!

Hop On

Before you make your initial ascent onto your board, make sure that it is fully charged. You’ll want to be able to practice thoroughly without being interrupted by a low-battery. The ProZip “Hummer” has a six-hour battery life, so once it’s juiced up, you should be good to practice riding your board for a while. Once you’ve made sure that your hoverboard has a full charge, it’s time to hop on. Hoverboards work best with your sense of balance. As a beginner, it might be hard to find your initial balance, but after practicing, you should get the hang of it. When stepping on for the first time, you can hold onto a chair or a wall for stability. Step on with one foot, and then level it off to find your balance. Then, place your other foot onto it. Try to make your stance as wide as you can on the board — the wider your stance, the more balanced and stable you’re going to feel.

Lean To Turn

You can accelerate and decelerate using the slightest of movements. To accelerate, lean slightly forward. To decelerate, lean slightly backwards. To turn, tilt your body in the direction you’re wanting to go in. To go left, push your right foot forward. To go right, push your left foot forward. These small pushes tilt the hoverboard, turning it in the direction you are wanting to go. Easy enough! The more you practice, the easier and more intuitive this will feel to you.

Now that you know how to safely mount and practice riding your scooter, there are some tips for safely riding your hoverboard. Before you purchase your very own ProZip “Hummer,” be sure to read the following tips to learn how you can safely and effectively ride your hoverboard scooter for maximum fun.

Be Prepared With A Helmet

As with many other fast-moving personal transportation devices, there is always the chance that the rider can fall off. Just like you occasionally lose your balance on your bicycle or skateboard, you can also lose your balance while on your hoverboard scooter. And since the ProZip “Hummer” hoverboard can get up to 15km, it’s important to be extra cautious while riding, especially if you’re a beginner. In order to prevent any injuries or bodily damage, be sure to properly prepare by wearing a helmet every time you ride. You can even take it a step further by strapping on knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, if you want to take extra precaution. This will lower the chance of spraining, fracturing, or injuring yourself.

Be Mindful Of Weight Limitations

Many hoverboards on the market have weight limitations, generally around 40 pounds. The “Hummer” model has a weight minimum of 44 pounds and maximum of 260 pounds. It’s important to be aware of this, especially if you are planning on purchasing a hoverboard for your child. If they weigh under 44 pounds, they will have trouble balancing on the hoverboard because it won’t be able to detect their weight, which could cause them to fall and injure themselves. Be mindful of how old and how much your child weighs before purchasing them a personal transportation device from King Power Boards.

Drive Away From Busy Roads

While it may be tempting to hop on your hoverboard and ride on the streets, you need to take safety precautions when it comes to riding close to traffic or any fast moving vehicle. If you are riding near a busy road, be mindful of how fast you are going and stay focused on the path you’re on. And of course, refrain of texting and riding!

Where Can I Ride My Hoverboard?

Personal transportation devices are an excellent option for zipping around your neighborhood, or quickly down the street to a nearby store to run a quick errand. While it’s the best and most safest option to steer clear from busy roads, there are ways to utilize the quick and easy transportation that your hoverboard scooter offers. So where can your ride your hoverboard?

Walk The Dog

Do you have a furry, four-legged companion? If so, you’ll know the attention that your sweet pup needs, and how often it needs to be let out. And even though many of us don’t want to admit it, taking our dogs for walks after a long day of work is the last thing we want to do.

This is where a hoverboard scooter can come in handy.

Switch up the mundane daily chore of walking your dog by using your hoverboard. If you’re not feeling up to walking your dog, why no roll with your dog? With your ProZip Hummer, your sweet pup can enjoy fresh air and a nice walk as you roll on your board next to them. Put your dog on a leash, hop on your board, and roll alongside them as they walk and enjoy the great outdoors.

Get Yourself To Work

Do you live close to your place of work? Or are there backroad trails to your office? Then why not take your hoverboard to get to work? There are many benefits to riding your hoverboard scooter to work.

  • Avoid Traffic - The morning commute to your office could be extensive if you get stuck in traffic. Sitting in your car may not seem like the best way to start your day off strong. Instead, hop on your personal transportation device and ride to the office. You’ll be avoiding traffic, breathing in fresh morning air, and even getting some exercise. Plus, you’ll be avoiding afternoon traffic on your way home!
  • Save Money On Gas - Sitting in your car stuck in traffic on the way to and from work is not only time consuming, but gas consuming. When you opt for hoverboard transportation to work, you’ll be saving time stuck in your car as well as gas.
  • Start Your Day Off Right - The best way to start your workday in the morning is to spend some time reflecting and setting the tone for the day. Taking your hoverboard to get to work allows for time to give your mind sometime to think and get ready for the workday ahead of you, rather than sitting flustered in traffic.

Riding your self-balancing hoverboard scooter is a great way to transport yourself to work. However, before doing so, make sure that there is a safe route away from fast-moving cars. Find back trails that you can take, and be sure to ride protected with a helmet.

Get The Mail And Run Errands

Do you live in a neighborhood close to coffee shops, stores, and activities? If so, then your hoverboard can be utilized here. Again, the best safety option is to avoid roads with busy traffic, so if you’re in a residential area with little traffic, then you can easily and safely use your scooter. Hop on your device to grab a cup of morning coffee, or to run a quick errand down the street. Your options here at endless! Be sure to read more tips on hoverboard-riding safety before you take to the (residential) streets.

Experience The Health Benefits Of Riding Your ProZip Hummer

Believe it or not, there are health benefits that accompany hoverboard riding. These personal transportation devices provide more than just a fun time. Let’s learn more about how your hoverboard can promote healthy habits and living.

Increase Balance And Flexibility

Did you know that the small movements you make while riding your hoverboard actually increases your sense of balance? Perhaps that’s why these devices are often called “self-balancing scooters”! While riding on, you’ll have to lean forward and backward to accelerate and decelerate. These simple movements actually work to improve your balance, flexibility, and reflex movements. Your leg muscles will be working as you stand and balance on the board, plus, your core muscles will also be engaged. The more your ride your hoverboard scooter, you’ll begin to notice your flexibility and balance improving.

Burn Calories

Riding your hoverboard will result in you burning calories. Yes, it may be hard to believe, but it’s true. Simply by stepping on your set of self-balancing wheels and riding around for a while, your heart rate will increase and calories will be burned. Your legs will be getting a workout from balancing on the board, and your muscles will have to be engaged. This results in a good workout for your entire body, and is a great way to get your heart rate up without jumping on a treadmill or doing squats.

Get Fresh Air

From working at a desk all day to sitting in a car in traffic, breathing in fresh air is not always a top priority on a busy day to day schedule. But with a hoverboard scooter, you’re practically forced to get outside. Riding your personal transportation device encourages you to get outside, breath in some good air, and clear your mind. Whether you’re riding to work in the morning, grabbing a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop, or are taking your pup for a walk, your hoverboard scooter will make your time spent outside much more enjoyable.